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Range & Stove Reliability Statistics! Who Makes The Best Stove?

When your buying a new range you’ll want to know your new appliance has the features your looking for but also how reliable it will be.  Below you will find current brand reliability statistics for the most popular gas, electric, and dual-fuel ranges by appliance brand.

Ranges Sold That Needed Repair or Had Serious Problems.

Best Range & Stove Repair Stats

Smaller Bar = Better chances you’ll get a stove not a lemon…


Best Range Brands (Electric Stoves)

GE 5%
Whirlpool 7%
Frigidaire 7%
Kenmore 8%
Maytag 8%
Samsung 10%
LG 10%
Kitchen Aid 12%

Best Range Brands (Gas Stoves)

LG 5%
Frigidaire 6%
GE 7%
Kenmore 7%
Whirlpool 11%
Maytag 12%
Kitchen Aid 12%

In Your Search For The Best Range You May Want To Take Note Of A Few Things.



    1. The more expensive and complex the range the more likely you are to need repair.
    2. The higher end range brands like Kitchen Aid and Jenn-Air often have a convection oven, which is a very nice feature but also one more thing to need repair.
    3. The lower end ranges brands such as Hotpoint are often purchased by people that aren’t as critical of their baking results as those who dished out more that 1K on there range, and are therefore less likely to call for repair.
    4. You get what you pay for. However, when you get up in the high end be prepared for some repair issues.  Aiming for the middle is usually the best bet.
    5. Kenmore stoves & ranges are produced by many manufacturers such as Whirlpool, GE, LG, Frigidaire & Others. Depending on who manufactures the Kenmore stove or range you purchase will have a great deal to do with how likely your new stove or range will need repair.

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