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Dryer Reliability Statistics! Who Makes The Best Clothes Dryer?

Dryers are fairly simple mechanical devices, and one of the most reliable appliances you will own.  Apply heat, move the fabric around, then get rid of the wet air…simple.  Many of the “amazing innovations” in drying technology are nothing more than snake oil or piss in a bottle. You may want to match that fancy front loading washing machine, which has legitimate engineering advantages.  However, you should also know that when you buy something that’s more complicated than it needs to be you are bound to have a few extra repair problems. Below you will find reliability statistics for the most popular dryer brands.


Dryers Sold That NEEDED Repair or Had Serious Problems During The Warranty Period.

(Smaller Bar = Better Chances you’ll get a dryer not a lemon)

Best Gas Dryers

LG 9%
Samsung 14%
Whirlpool 15%
Kenmore 16%
Maytag 17%
GE 18%
Frigidaire 20%

Best Electric Dryers

LG 8%
Roper 11%
Speed Queen 12%
Whirlpool 13%
Kenmore 13%
Bosch 14%
Maytag 14%
Amana 17%
GE 17%
Samsung 18%
Frigidaire 18%
Electrolux 19%
Fisher & Paykel 20%

You may want to take note of a few things.

  1. In my repair experience dryers with a lint trap on top are the most effective and reliable dryer design.
  2. Kenmore dryers are produced by many manufacturers such as Whirlpool, GE, LG, Frigidaire & Others. Depending on who makes the Kenmore dryer you purchase will have a great deal to do with how likely your new dryer will need repair.
  3. You can save a significant amount of money by matching a high-end washing machine with a lower end dryer.  There is no real reason to buy computer-controlled dryers except for appearance. (If a visitor to your home cares that your dryer doesn’t match the washer, Kick them out!)
  4. Whirlpool is a great company, however they recently lost a legal battle over advertising their “steam” dryers. Fact: All Dryers Produce Steam.
  5. Many common repairs can be avoided by treating your dryer with care! Even the best dryer needs to be used with care… Clean the lint trap, don’t slam the door, mash the buttons, or crank hard on the timer and your dryer will last significantly longer than if you abuse it.

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