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Whirlpool Belt Drive Washer Diagnostic Mode & Tests

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Troubleshooting Common Problems

Diagnostic Mode & Tests | Error Codes

The washer’s diagnostic mode can be used to troubleshoot washer problems by viewing logged washer errors, performing an automatic diagnostic cycle, or manually turning on and off different washer parts to test for proper operation. Some versions of this washer type have a digital display that will show an error code, but most use the status lights on the washer console to flash a sequence that can then be interpreted into the code.


The “Fill” light or “Sensing” and “Soak” lights are “F” on the first part of the code The second “E” part of the code will not use the “Fill”, “Sensing”, or “Soak” Lights.

  • The “wash” light is “8”
  • The “rinse” light is “4”
  • The “spin” light is “2”
  • the “done” light is “1”

So you may see something like “sensing” (F) and “rinse”(4), “spin”(2), and “done”(1) flash. 4+2+1=7 so F7 Then “sensing”(E) and “done”(1) so E1
The code F7E1 is a sensor fault so you would want to check the washer sensor with your diagnostic test.

This is how you get into the washer’s diagnostic mode.

Turn the control dial at least 3 full rotations to the left like you were clearing a combination lock. Then rotate the knob 3 clicks to the right, one to the left, and one more to the right, with about a half second to one second between clicks. If you got it right all the lights on the washer console should light up and flash. If it didn’t work clear to the left again and focus on the time between clicks.

Watch the diagnostic video

lockOnce you have all the washer’s lights flashing you have 3 main options. You can select an automatic diagnostic cycle, manual diagnostics, or view stored error codes. It’s best to start with the error codes so you know what you are starting with, and you may create more with your diagnostic tests.

Rotate the knob to the right until only the “done” light is lit and press start.
The washer will then display any error codes that can be advanced by turning the washer’s cycle knob to the right. The washer stores the 4 most recent fault codes. If only the “fill” or “sensing” light is lit then you have reached the last fault code or there was nothing wrong with the washer detected by the control.

Next write down your codes and clear them by exiting the washer’s diagnostics by pressing and holding the “start” button for about 3 seconds.
Now you can do an automatic diagnostic washer cycle. You will need to start the diagnostics mode again, but this time turn the washer cycle knob right until only the “spin” light is lit and press “start”. The washer will do a quick cycle that will test all the washer functions. You can then go back all look for new fault codes to narrow down the problem.

This is as quick summery of the washer automatic diagnostic test and what lights are lit for each step. Note: you can advance each step manually with the “start” button.


  1. Washer lid should lock =”done” + “lock”
  2. Washer cold valve should open =”spin” + “lock”
  3. Washer hot valve should open =”spin” + “done” + “lock”
  4. Pause 5 seconds =”rinse” + “lock”
  5. Pause 5 seconds =”rinse” + “done” + “lock”
  6. Pause 5 seconds =”rinse” + “spin”+ “lock”
  7. Washer cold and hot water valves should open =”rinse” + “spin”+ “done” +”lock”
  8. Washer shifter should move to agitate position =”wash” + “lock”
  9. Washer should agitate =”wash” + “done” + “lock”
  10. Washer drain pump should run =”wash” + “spin” + “lock”
  11. Washer shifter should move to spin position =”wash” + “spin” + “done” + “lock”
  12. Washer should spin for 10 seconds =”wash” + “rinse” + “lock”
  13. Washer should coast to a stop for 30 to 45 seconds =”wash” + “rinse” + “done” + “lock”
  14. Washer lid lock should unlock in 1 second and not longer than 3 minutes=”wash” + “rinse” + “spin”

Whirlpool Belt Drive Washer Diagnostic Faults & Errors

  1. Error F0 = no fault has been recorded.
  2. Error F0E2 = washer drain problem, to much soap suds.
  3. Error F0E4 = water during washer’s rinse cycle is more that 105º.fatalerror_Small
  4. Error F0E5 = washer is off balance.
  5. Error F1E1 = washer main control fault.
  6. Error F1E2 = washer motor control fault. the motor control is integrated into the main washer control.
  7. Error F2E1 = a washer control key has been pressed for more than 15 seconds.
  8. Error F2E3 = mismatch of the washer’s main control and the washer’s user interface control.
  9. Error F3E1 = washer pressure sensor fault.
  10. Error F3E2 = water valve temperature sensor fault.
  11. Error F5E1 = washer lid switch fault.
  12. Error F5E2 = washer lid lock fault.
  13. Error F5E3 = washer lid unlock fault.
  14. Error F7E1 = washer inner tub speed sensor fault.
  15. Error F7E5 = washer shifter fault.
  16. Error F7E6 = washer motor fault.
  17. Error F7E7 = washer sensor thinks washer was unable to reach target spin speed.
  18. Error F8E1 = washer pressure sensor thinks it is not filling or is taking too long to fill with water.
  19. Error F8E3 = washer pressure sensor thinks that the washer has over filled with water.
  20. Error F8E5 = Washer valve thermostat thinks the hot and cold water hoses are reversed.
  21. Error F9E1 = the washer is taking to long to drain.

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