Have Specific Appliance Repair Question?

Thank you for visiting ApplianceAssistant.com
Kudos to you for trying to solve your own appliance issues!

I developed this web resource to help people with common appliance problems and love helping people!
Recently I have been honored with a fantastic response to my videos! In addition to my local service call load I have also become overwhelmed with specific appliance questions through Email and Youtube...
Unfortunately, I am unable to find the time to produce more videos due to the large work load. I have decided to change to a donation based personal assistance system.

Upon sending a 10.00 donation you will receive a personal repair help email address link and my direct phone number so I can give specific attention to your appliance problem.

If you are not satisfied with the help you receive or I am unable to help solve your problem simply ask for a refund and it will be issued no questions asked!
I am hoping that this will help to reduce the volume of questions to a manageable level while still providing an honorable service.
Thanks again for visiting my website and for your understanding!


Jon Yingst
Appliance Assistant, LLC.

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