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Direct Drive Washer Repair Costs

Major Appliance Service National Price Guide

Don’t think washing machine repair is worth your time?

Take a look at the average charges for common washer repairs as listed in the M.A.S.N.P.G.

There are many costs involved for legitimate appliance repair companies! Such as liability insurance, employment costs, gas, vehicle expenses, travel time etc. so realistically a washer repair call will not be cheap. But the unfortunate truth is that many companies are greatly overcharging for washer repairs. Here is a quick list of suggested fair charges for having your direct drive washer repaired. I personally think these rates are definitely on the high side, and that is mainly so you can feel better about things when a repair person shows you how much you just saved over the suggested price in the “Service Price Guide.”

(Direct Drive Washing Machines)

Washing Machine Repair Procedure

AverageWasher RepairTime

Average Repair Charge

Learn How To Repair It Yourself

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Direct Drive Washer Repair ManualRepair ManualDirect Drive Washer Repair Manual
Washer agitator dog repair15-30 min.120.40Washer Repair VideosAgitator dogs
Washer agitator dog & cam kit assembly repair15-30 min.167.53Washer Repair VideosAgitator dog & cam kit assembly
Washer fabric softener dispenser cap replacement5-10 min.121.45Washer Repair VideosFabric softener dispenser
Washer brake/drive assembly repair30-60 min.294.45Washer Repair VideoBrake/drive tube
Washer clutch repair30-60 min.245.00Washer Repair VideosClutch kit
Washer clutch & break/drive assembly repair30-60 min.367.85Washer Repair VideosClutch & break/drive kits
Washer fill hose repair5-10 min.130.90You don’t need a video!Fill hoses
Washer drain hose repair10-20 min.149.95Washer Repair VideosDrain hoses
Washer motor repair10-30 min.314.40Washer Repair Videoswashing machine Motors
Washer motor coupling repair10-30 min.171.00Washer Repair VideosMotor coupling
Washer drain pump repair10-30 min.209.95Washer Repair VideosWashing machine Pumps
Clearing the washer drain pump repair10-30 min.145.85Washer Repair Videos
Washer lid switch repair15-40 min.189.85Washer Repair VideosWashing machine lid switches
Washer transmission repair30-60 min.388.33Washer Repair VideosWashing machine Transmissions
Washer tripod suspension repair45-120 min.419.70Washer Repair VideosWashing machine Tripod
Washer outer tub repair45-120 min.307.05Washer Repair VideosWashing machine outer tubs
Removal of sock or rag from the washer’s outer tub15-45 min171.60Washer Repair Videos
Washer fill valve repair15-30 min.219.90Washer Repair VideosWashing machine fill valves
If washer is full of waterAdd65.90

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