Whirlpool Duet Washing Machine Diagnostic Test Mode

Duet Washing Machine Diagnostics

This Duet Washer Diagnostic Guide is for the following core washer models
WFW8640, WFW86HE, WFW8740, WFW87HE, WFW88HE (Steam)

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Duet Washer Diagnostic Test Mode

  1. Your Duet washer needs to be in standby (Plugged in with all control lights off)
  2. Pick any three buttons on the Duet washer control except power, start, or cancel.
  3. Now do the key dance within eight seconds… Button 1, Button 2, Button 3, Button 1, Button 2, Button 3, Button 1, Button 2, Button 3 (You are pressing 9 buttons in 8 seconds so it needs to be pretty quick.)
  4. If you got into the Duet washer's diagnostics, all the control lights will turn on and "888" will be displayed showing you all the time display lights are working. After a few seconds tall the washer's display lights will flash. If there are any saved error or fault codes the time display should now show the most recent error code.
  5. Remember what the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd buttons were because you will be using them again to troubleshoot problems with your Duet washer. If you were not able to get your washer into the diagnostic mode, turn the washer off with the power button and try again with 3 different buttons. (One of the 3 buttons you were using may not be working.)

Note: If no buttons are pressed on the washer for 5 minutes the washer will exit the diagnostics mode.

Duet Washer User Interface Test (UI)

  1. Press the 1st button you used to enter the Duet Diagnostics Mode.
  2. Now that you are in the Duet washer interface test you can press each button one time. when a button is pressed the button's indicator light should turn on and you should get a beep. you can also rotate the washers cycle selection knob and it should have the same effect. Pressing the washer's power button 2 times will exit the diagnostics mode.
  3. Exit the Duet user interface by pressing the 1st button you used to enter the Duet Diagnostics Mode.

Duet Washer Quick Diagnostic Test

Duet Washer quick diagnostics

Note: If your Duet washer has an F9E1 or SUDS error code (long drain) you may want to skip passed all the fill steps to step C07 (to test the drain pump.) This will hopefully keep your beloved Duet washer from filling with more water that it can't drain. You can't skip C00 (Door Lock) and C03 (Dispensing System)

  1. Press the 2nd button you used to enter the Duet Diagnostics Mode.
  2. All the washer's lights should turn off and the start button should begin to flash… It's flashing so press it…
  3. You can skip trough the Duet washers quick test functions by pressing the Start button. (All except C00 (Door Lock) and C03 (Dispensing System))

Duet Washer Quick Test Diagnostic Guide

  • C00 Duet Washer's door locks, unlocks, and locks again, drain pump runs for 15 seconds.
  • C01 (Some models) duet Washer Heater turns on and steam valve is tested.
  • C02 Duet Washer's cold water valve will open.
  • C03 Duet Washer's dispensing motor moves to pre wash position.
  • C04 Duet Washer's hot water valve opens.
  • C05 Duet Washer's drum rotates clockwise at wash speed.
  • C06 Duet Washer's drum continues to rotate clockwise and heater is turned back on. IF more water needed to reach the minimum water level for wash the valve will open.
  • C07 Duet Washer's drain pump should be sent power from the control to run until the washer is drained plus 15 seconds.
  • C08 Duet Washer's drum rotates counterclockwise to max spin speed. (Keep needed body parts away from moving washer parts!)

Having Problems Starting Duet Diagnostics

If you where unable to get your Duet washer to start the diagnostics mode, here are a few things to try...

  1. If the power button on your washer doesn't work look at the "Duet Washer Won't Turn On" on the 1st page of the Duet washer repair guide.
  2. Power up the washer with the power button (that works) and test the 3 buttons you are trying to use to start diagnostics. Do they seem to function? If not find 3 buttons that do seem to work in normal washer operation and try using those to start diagnostics. If no buttons seem to work but the power button, check connection to the used interface connector at UI7 on the Duet main control board.
  3. Error codes will display during a wash cycle... do you remember any faults that may shed some light on the situation?
  4. If it just ain't workin... you probably need a new main control...

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